Earn To Die Hacked

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earntodieIf you are searching for the hacked version of Earn to Die game, you came to the right website. I know that feeling, when you want to have some fun with your favorite game but you don’t want to play it from the beginning and spend hours unlocking new upgrades and earning money to buy new car. In Earn To Die Hacked, you can unlocked everything with a few clicks and have fun with the greatest zombie-killing racing game ever created. As you know, the main mission of the player in this game is to earn some money, build a powerful car and escape from place full of zombies. Now, you can unlock the most powerful car and unlimited boost in a few clicks.

All you have to do is to remember the following buttons, which will add you :

[M] - Money .  You can buy the car you want even at the beginning of the game. The more time you hit the 1 button, the more money you will get.
[V] - Get Fuel. During the game, you can run out of fuel and all you have to do to get it is to push the 2 button on your keyboard during the race.
[C] - Get Boost.  If you love to drive on top speed you will need boost, a lot of boost. Hit this button during race to get more boost for your car. Activate boost using ctrl button.
[B] - Full Ammo. This will make your ammo full again, to kill even more zombies.

I hope that you will enjoy the Earn To Die Hacked version at our website and unlock all weapons and upgrades. Enjoy.

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